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From Crime Scenes to Court Rooms - We've Got You Covered

NUVUe 360 creates complete virtual experiences that document and measure the environment in question.  Getting our technology on scene first thing allows for the most accurate documentation after a crime.   Attorneys will find the use of our services extremely valuable when needing to show the jury the exact environment where a crime took place.  They will be able to show the measurements and situation of the property in order to provide the most accurate and full story necessary for their case.

As simple as photos

In about the same time as it takes to shoot regular photographs of your property NUVUE 360 can create a full 3D immersive environment for every crime scene or legal property at issue.

You can also provide Mattertags with evidence information and/or links to other important documents or vital data.

Make the shortlist

NUVUE 360’s 3D Showcase service is the only way to give investigators, attorneys, and jurors a truly immersive experience in making the correct decisions for each and every case.

Share in confidence and with ease

The 3D Showcase we create for you is easy to share or embed anywhere. Provide a private link to only those that need to know.  Embed it on your existing internal websites just like a video, and share it via a simple link. Authorized viewers (whoever has the link) can explore your  scenes in-browser without additional apps or downloads directly on a computer or mobile device.  The link is housed on our secure server and can be locked at any time should it need to be taken down.

Use this data with confidence

Ensure that expectations meet reality by offering the most accurate, immersive virtual experience of your space.  Contact NUVUE 360 today.